```` Sudan Embassy Tokyo

procedure services for :

■ Adding a Child to(a)Passport:required Documents .

•letter of request . Form

2 Photographs.

Copy of Birth Certificate

Copy of Father's Sudanese Passport (We accept copies of expired Sudanese passports; we just need proof of Sudanese origin)

The original passport of the Mother and it's copyA letter of the father's consent

Fees Yen 4.000

■ Notes : You have only 14 days from the birthday of your child  to apply for birth certificate at Sudan Embassy Tokyo , please call the consular section for more information .

Adding wife to (a) Passport : required Documents .

•letter of request . Form

marriage certificate

1 photos 

Fees Yen 4.000

National Certificate (Gensia): required Documents .

•Completed application form . Download Application.

3 Photographs.

Copy of Birth Certificate

Parents Nationality Certificate and the Sudanese Passport

If the person was added to the parent's passport, please submit that passport

•The applicant must come to the Embassy for Finger Prints.

Fees Yen 4.000

Emergency Travel Document : required Documents

To be issued for Sudanese in cases of emergency and it expires when arriving at Sudan

•Completed application form 

•2 recent passport-sized colour photograph of yourself

•Proof of  identity (if available) 

•please call the consular section for more information .

Fees Yen 2.500

 Authorizatizations (Twkil) 

•Power of Attorney/statement under Oath /procurations)

•please call the consular section for more info .

Fees Yen2.500

Marriage contracts & Divorce certificate :

•letter of request . Form

•we do it by islamic law.

Fees Yen 2.500

others Certificates :

•letter of request .

•copy of passport

Fees Yen 2.500

■ Legalization Doc : 

•letter of request. Form

Fees Yen 2.500

■ Notes

② Please bring exact amount of cash to cover the cost.

please call the consular section for more information:

Address :

4-7-1 ,Yakumo , Meguro Ku,Tokyo 152-0023, Japan.

Telephone1: +81 35729 6170
Telephone2: +81 35729 2200
FAX: +81 35729 6171

E-mail: info@sudanembassy.jp