Khartoum Sight seeing

Khartoum state has three main towns, which are Khartoum, Khartoum North and Omdurman, all joined by four bridges across. One of the most exciting places to visit in Khartoum is the National Museum, which is the custodian of the rich historical heritage of Sudan. There is also the Ethnographical Museum, which reflects the cultural life and traditional artifacts of the Sudanese people. The Museum of National History sheds light upon the diverse animal life of Sudan. A visitor can also enjoy

Khartoum's Botanical Garden, where he/she can enjoy the wonders of Sudan's rich botanical variety.
A visit to the city of Omdurman acquaints the tourist with Sudan's very unique and traditional markets and bazaars. It was made capital of the Mahdists who fought the English colonizers at the end of the last century. Hence the visit to the Mahdi and the Khalifai's Museum has no alternative.
In Omdurman, there is also a boatyard where traditional boats are made near the Nile. West of Omdurman, about 40 minutes drive, is the camel market. Here, camels brought from western Sudan are offered for sale or barter.

KAWAHLA REGION: This is situated about 325 km southwest of Khartouin. The region is in the rich Savanna belt and is home to a variety of birds, rabbits and gazelles.

A semi-desert region southwest of Omdurman that extends north and west up to the Western desert. It is a region abundant in desert gazelle's onyx and fowl birds. The hunting season is typically October to July. ...more details