Demonstration held in front of the Sudan Embassy in Tokyo to condemn RSF atrocities

TOKYO: A small crowd of people demonstrated in front of the Sudanese Embassy in Tokyo on Sunday to support the Sudanese Army and condemn the military uprising by the Rapid Support Forces there.

The demonstration was organized by the Sudanese community in Japan and the Sudanese Embassy in Tokyo.

The demonstrators carried placards with slogans such as “RSF use citizens as human shields”, “Stop RSF atrocities and crimes in Sudan”, “Janjaweed militias are criminals”, “Rapid Support Forces kill rape and displace Sudanese” and “A militia cannot rule a country”.

They shouted, “Sudan for Sudanese,” “One Nation One Army” and “Janjaweed are criminals”.

Ali Mohamed, the Chargé d’Affaires of the Sudanese Embassy, said: “The demonstrators came to support the Sudanese Army forces in their fight against the Rapid Support Forces, who have carried out very grave violations in Sudan since April of this year.”

“These violations have badly affected the Sudanese people, with killings, kidnapping and looting of their houses in addition to destroying needed services such as water, electricity and hospitals. The Sudanese community in Japan is trying to send this message to the international community: The Sudanese people are supporting their army as well as condemning and calling for these perpetrators to be brought to justice.”

Ali said the actions of the RSF in his country were devastating. Thousands are thought to have been killed and many more injured or made homeless.

“This is an unprecedented violation in our history,” he added. “Japan, our host country, is contributing to peace and security in Sudan with its condemnation of the RSF violations and also helping with humanitarian assistance. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Japanese government for providing this support and we’re looking for more support.”

One demonstrator said: “We came today to support our Sudanese Army in its battle against the militia in Sudan. We have been in this battle for four months now. We’re hoping for our message to reach all over the world to condemn all the crimes of the militia in our country. They are occupying our houses, kidnapping citizens, stealing our properties and killing and raping women and girls.”