Sudan’s Ambassador to Tokyo says RSF ‘blatantly violate’ human rights laws

TOKYO: Sudan Ambassador to Tokyo Ali Mohamed says the Rapid Support Forces battling his government rely on killing, physical and psychological harm, rape, looting and kidnapping to advance their cause.

“The Sudanese people discovered that the RSF and the grave violations they have committed against civilians were far from civil rule and democracy,” the ambassador said. “They force people to leave their homes in order for the rebellion to use them as military bases within residential areas against the Sudanese Armed Forces.”

The Sudanese ambassador also says the RSF has destroyed hospitals, drinking water infrastructure, power stations and oil refineries, in addition to the looting of banks, malls and supermarkets, leaving the people suffering from a critical lack of services.

He says the RSF has blatantly violated “international humanitarian laws, human rights norms and other international agreements, including the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, particularly against embassies accredited in Khartoum and their staff.”

Mohamed adds that the RSF has committed war crimes in Darfur, particularly against the Masalit tribe. “The rebel forces have executed a tenth of the victims, including the Governor of West Darfur state and the brother of the Masalit leader, resulting in a mass movement of thousands of women and children to Chad.”

The Sudanese ambassador is also worried that the RSF is getting help from outside Sudan and have “opened the door for foreign interference in national matters and contributed to the looting of public wealth.”

In conclusion, Mohamed says the RSF insurgency has “revealed a lot to the Sudanese, especially to the young generation” who are looking for “true democratic transformation and civil rule for which the RSF will not be accepted to play any role in the future.”