One of the most famous game reserves in the country is Dinder Park, which is located some 585 km southeast of Khartoum. Our four-wheel-drive vehicles, which are prepared especially for such trips, cover this distance in 10 hours, passing on its way through the Gezira Scheme, regarded as the largest irrigated agricultural schemes under one administration in the world.
Thereafter one could encounter the town of Sennar, the capita! of the first Islamic kingdom in Sudan (1504-1821). The town is home to Sennar water dam on the Blue Nile, which dates back to 1925 and irrigates the Gezira Scheme.

The journey to Dinder Game Park takes one across Singa bridge, and another 4 hours drive takes to the outreaches of the game park at a camp named Galago. From here our tour begins with wild animals and birds, not to mention the beautiful landscape of the game park.
Dinder Game Park is one of the largest wild reserves in Africa. The park boasts a unique diversity of animals and birds, including buffalos, lions, kudus and gazelles in addition to a wide variety of baboons and monkeys. On its southern outskirts, elephants and giraffe can be found roaming the area.