There are countless tourist attractions in Sudan, unmatched anywhere. There are the ancient civilizations’ sites, the colorful cultural, ethnic, and climatic diversities, the beautiful fauna and flora that include rare animal and plant species, wildlife conservation parks like Dinder Park, and the Red Sea hill resorts—all are great attractions for tourists, filmmakers, and investors.

The southern states of Sudan have virgin tropical forests, many natural sights, and tourist villages. In the northern states, there are many archaeological sites on the Nile banks, from Dongola up to Wadi Halfa in the extreme north and Bajarwia in the Nile State.

In Darfur State, there is the fascinating Jebel Marra Mountain. In Khartoum State, many places exist, including the historic confluence of the White and Blue Niles, a tourist landmark site.

Sudan, a land known for its sunrises and sunsets, ancient civilization, diverse geographical entities, and wildlife and fauna, sincerely invites you.